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domingo, 3 de maio de 2009

Cirith Ungol - Discografia

Minha Primeira Postagem
Tim Baker - vocals
Jerry Fogle - guitar
Greg Lindstrom - guitar
Michael Flint - bass
Robert Garven - drums

    Cirith Ungol(Demo)
Ano: 1979

01. Frost and Fire
02. Last Laugh
03. Hype Performance
04. The Twitch
05. Better Off Dead
06. What Does It Take
07. Return to Lankhmar
08. Darkness Weaves
09. A Little Fire (instrumental)
10. Title Unknown


Frost and Fire
Ano: 1980

Genero: Doom metal, Estilo:Heavy Metal

Origem: Estados Unidos (U.S.A)
Banda:Cirith Ungol

01. Frost And Fire
02. I'm Alive
03. A Little Fire
04. What Does It Take
05. Edge Of A Knife
06. Better Off Dead
07. Maybe That's Why

King of The Dead
Ano: 1984

01. Atom Smasher
02. Black Machine
03. Master Of The Pit
04. King Of The Dead
05. Death Of The Sun
06. Finger Of Scorn
07. Toccata In D
08. Cirith Ungol

One Foot in Hell
Ano: 1986

01. Blood And Iron
02. Chaos Descends
03. The Fire
04. Nadsokar
05. 100 M.P.H.
06. War Eternal
07. Doomed Planet
08. One Foot In Hell

Paradise Lost
Ano: 1991

o1. Join The Legion

o2. The Troll
03. Fire
04. Heaven Help Us
05. Before The Lash
06. Go It Alone
07. Chaos Rising
08. Fallen Idols
09. Paradise Lost


LP: 1992? (Wasted Records; ?)
1.Atom Smasher
2.I'm Alive
3.Black Machine
4.Master of the Pit
5.King of the Dead
6.Death of the Sun
7.Finger of Scorn

8.Cirith Ungol



Live EP
7":    1995 (Old Metal Records; OMR 001) [ltd x500]
A1 I'm Alive
B1 Atom Smasher

01.Liquid Flame Records ("Frost and Fire")
02.Enigma Records (also "Frost and Fire")
03.Metal Blade Records ("Metal Massacre")
04.Old Metal Records ("Live" EP).

Servants of Chaos
Ano: 2001

01. Hype Performance
02. Last Laugh
03. Frost And Fire (Early version)
04. Eyes
05. Better Off Dead (Alternate version)
06. 100 MPH (Alternate version)
07. I'm Alive (Alternate version)
08. Bite Of The Worm
09. The Twitch
10. Maybe That's Why (original version)
11. Ill Met In Lankhmar
12. Return To Lankhmar
13. Darkness Weaves
14. Witchdance
15. Feeding The Ants
16. Obsidian
17. Death Of The Sun (Remix)
18. Fire (Alternate version)
19. Fallen Idols (Alternate version)
20. Chaos Rising (Rehearsal)
21. Fallen Idols (rehearsal)
22. Paradise Lost (Rehearsal)
23. Join The Legion (Rehearsal)
24. Before The Lash (Rehearsal)
25. Atom Smasher (Live)
26. Master Of The Pit (Live)
27. King Of The Dead (Live)
28. Last Laugh (Live)
29. Cirith Ungol (Live)
30. Secret Agent Man
31. Ferrari 308QV On Dyno At 8000 RPM


Live Resada
Ano: 1983

01. I'm Alive

02. The Black Machine
03. Master of the Pit
04. King of the Dead
05. Death of the Sun
06. Finger of Scorn
07. Frost & Fire
08. Cirith Ungol


better off dead

Bootleg compilation album
MP3/CD-R: 13 Mar 2009 (Baistophe Music)
01.Frost and Fire
02.I'm Alive
03.What Does It Take
04.Atom Smasher
05.Master of the Pit
06.Toccata in Dm (instrumental)
07.Cirith Ungol
08.Chaos Descends
09.100 MPH
10.Doomed Planet
11.Join the Legion
12.Fire (Arthur Brown cover)
13.Paradise Lost

Falta raro

Return bootleg

Bootleg live album

CD-R: 2009 (Battle Axe Productions)
Live At Roxy Club 1983
01.Atom Smasher
02.I'm Alive
03.Black Machine
04.Master of the Pit
05.King of the Dead
06.Death of the Sun
07.Finger of Scorn
08.Cirith Ungol
Live In Santa Barbara
09.Atom Smasher
10.Master of the Pit
11.King of the Dead
12.Last Laugh
13.Cirith Ungol


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